Parte da paisagem (Part of the Landscape)

Ed. Iluminuras, Brazil, 2014


"Facing the shifting, half-hidden landscape, the poet is left to simply see.  In seriousness, to abstain and respect. Adriana thus gives us a brief lesson in poetry - strange lesson without instructions and without warning, that is just  suggestion and release. A poetry that does not fear what is partial. That does not shy away from things we do not know and that she, with limited forces, cannot have. It is beautiful this partial but fertile landscape that the poet offers us. Light and shadow. Presence and absence. Movement and stagnation. All constantly changing, a delicious trap. Like life, in short, disguising itself and moving on." (José Castello, O Globo)





Some poems of the book have been translated into English by Alison Entrekin and published in magazines such as Sonofabook, and on websites such as The Missing Slate.